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Surveyhills Market Research Co., Ltd (formerly Opinionsbridge) is a world's leading online survey company, based in Hong Kong and founded in 2013

Every year, we reward over millions people just like you for sharing their opinions by taking online market research surveys.
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We break through the traditional model of offline survey, providing a quicker, simpler and smarter way to let you to share your opinions. Online surveys help interviewers break through the limitations of time and place to a great extent and guarantee more freedom of selecting topics. Meanwhile, the application of rich media tools makes online surveys more vivid and interesting, thus acceptable to more consumers. And consumers are more willing to express their true thoughts actively, so as to make the results of the surveys more representative and closer to the reality.
You could be invited to test new products before they hit the shelves, or view new advertising campaigns before they're screened to the public. Your opinions can bring about real change.
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